Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Day 40

Day 40 of 40 Days of Flow.
(AND a harvest moon...I totally wish it wasn't overcast tonight.)

First and foremost I want to thank Miss Deanne Love. You're an amazing human being. You've inspired, challenged, encouraged and supported so many people all over the world...including myself. You're beautiful and willing, and are one of my biggest inspirations. I'm so grateful to have you in my life (albeit via the internets), and I can only hope to manifest us meeting in person one day! After watching your last video blog of the challenge, I'd also like to share what I've learnt.

1. There is power in thought. Your thoughts manifest in your reality around you, and if you really want something, you can attract into you life. Just. Like. That.

Vending at the Sherbrook Street Festival
September 6, 2014
2. Hard work pays off. This past week was one of the busiest of my life. But I know that it's all happening for a reason. Working an 8-5 job, trying to keep up with my Hoop Love Coach training, working on Hoops by Gypsy, and preparing for my first vending opportunity here in Winnipeg...it was a lot on my plate, but I worked hard, and I know that by continuing my hard work will open even greater doors.

3. Let go and flow. I am a micro-manager. There. I said it. BUT, I have learned (and am continuing to learn) that everything is happening as it should. And that everything is divinely guided. I've learned to listen to my body, and respect that sometimes it's very important to do nothing. I have learned to not feel guilty for doing what I know is best for me.

4. I have amazing friends and family. I've learned that you always need to remember, throughout your journey, who your cheerleaders are. We have this entire network of people (that's you too, HLC family) that we mustn't forget about. They are there for us and we need to be sure they know we appreciate and love them.

5. Everything is in a perpetual state of constant change. Everything is always changing. I've learned that I can't be disappointed when things change. This goes with letting go of things, but moreso that we need to embrace change. (And when it comes to branding...nothing is ever permanent, so embrace where this journey takes you!)

6 I've learned that I take poor care of my body...in turn I've also learned the importance of keeping my body the sacred temple that it is and nourishing it like one. I want to be able to do this for the next...20 years? 30? 40? Forever?

Workspace <3 
7. I've learned that I'm REALLY good at staying organized. One day planner, three notebooks, a binder and a whole bunch of office supplies later...I have established a great working space. I've learned the importance of maintaining this organization when working on your greatest passion. There's beauty in the messiness, too, though.

8. Listen to your heart.

9. Drink LOTS of water.

10. PLAY!

11. Just because someone doesn't think what you're doing is practical doesn't mean that you should stop following your dreams.

I didn't do everything on my list. Not even close. But I am more ahead in my dreams and ambitions than I was 40 days ago. I've been inspired, challenged, encouraged and supported. There is beauty in the chaos, and there is beauty in the silence. I've learned to embrace the beauty...where ever it decides to show up.

much love,

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