Friday, August 29, 2014

Hoop Love Coaching - check!

You want something in life? It's yours.

The power of your thoughts is enormous. Bigger than you realize. The Universe might not always give you EXACTLY what you asked for, but be open to the endless possibilities that are, in fact, gifts to you because of what you were thinking. Everything will unfold as it should.

One step that people often forget is ACTION. While your thoughts are extremely effectual, there still needs to be some sort of action involved. Some things will fall into your lap, but don't ever rely on that to happen. You're more likely to succeed by taking matters into your own hands. Your success is in your control.

These divine instances won't always happen right away, either. Whoever said "Patience is a virtue" wasn't lying to you. It's all a matter of being open and aware. You'll start to notice all these little things start to line up. Try noticing them in your every day life. A good example is when a random song pops into your head, and then shortly thereafter it comes on the radio. Those are proof that the Universe is trying to show you you're on the right path. (I like to believe that that's what deja vu is as well.) Watch for moments of synchronicity to show you the way.

If your dreams don't come true in a timely manner, keep going. Keep persevering. Ask for help if you need to. Don't think that you're alone. And keep remind yourself: everything is divinely guided.

Feeling honored to be a part of
this amazing community <3
Everything will unfold as it should.
Your success is in your control.
Watch for moments of synchronicity to show you the way.
Everything is divinely guided.

I'm on my way to becoming a Hoop Love Coach with Deanne Love's Hoop Love Coaching course starting September 1. I am beyond ecstatic as this will allow me to share the love with others, help and support hoopers, and will undoubtedly keep me going on my beautiful hoop journey. I'm so inspired by this woman, and all the other amazingly passionate hoopers out there. You're so beautiful and I recognize that our paths might be different, but we are all working towards the same things.

Hoop love. Peace. Happiness. Health.

much (hoop) love,

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