Friday, August 29, 2014

Hoop Love Coaching - check!

You want something in life? It's yours.

The power of your thoughts is enormous. Bigger than you realize. The Universe might not always give you EXACTLY what you asked for, but be open to the endless possibilities that are, in fact, gifts to you because of what you were thinking. Everything will unfold as it should.

One step that people often forget is ACTION. While your thoughts are extremely effectual, there still needs to be some sort of action involved. Some things will fall into your lap, but don't ever rely on that to happen. You're more likely to succeed by taking matters into your own hands. Your success is in your control.

These divine instances won't always happen right away, either. Whoever said "Patience is a virtue" wasn't lying to you. It's all a matter of being open and aware. You'll start to notice all these little things start to line up. Try noticing them in your every day life. A good example is when a random song pops into your head, and then shortly thereafter it comes on the radio. Those are proof that the Universe is trying to show you you're on the right path. (I like to believe that that's what deja vu is as well.) Watch for moments of synchronicity to show you the way.

If your dreams don't come true in a timely manner, keep going. Keep persevering. Ask for help if you need to. Don't think that you're alone. And keep remind yourself: everything is divinely guided.

Feeling honored to be a part of
this amazing community <3
Everything will unfold as it should.
Your success is in your control.
Watch for moments of synchronicity to show you the way.
Everything is divinely guided.

I'm on my way to becoming a Hoop Love Coach with Deanne Love's Hoop Love Coaching course starting September 1. I am beyond ecstatic as this will allow me to share the love with others, help and support hoopers, and will undoubtedly keep me going on my beautiful hoop journey. I'm so inspired by this woman, and all the other amazingly passionate hoopers out there. You're so beautiful and I recognize that our paths might be different, but we are all working towards the same things.

Hoop love. Peace. Happiness. Health.

much (hoop) love,

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon in Virgo

Day 25 of 40 Days of Flow

I certainly haven't been diligent with my writing with; however, I'm happy to post that I have still been productive and maintaining focus during this challenge. Every day this challenge has been in my head, and is very present as I set my intentions for every day. My activities have an ebb and flow as I listen to my body, pay attention to my heart space, and keep my focus on what it is that I have been striving to accomplish by the end of this challenge (and to shift in my life overall.)

Picture courtesy of
This time is especially notable as today is the New Moon in Virgo. I opened up my email today to find an email of a very insightful understanding of what kind of energy is shifting with this new moon...and holy smokes did it ever resonate with me!

Shakti Sunfire speaks:
"This new moon in Virgo opposite Neptune offers us a BIG push (Mars square Saturn) in the direction of our WILDEST DREAMS (Neptune) made manifest (Virgo)."

THANK YOU, Shakti, for this beautiful insight. With everything that has been happening in my life, this synchronicity is very much welcomed. This is all finally making sense!

My one desire in life is to help others doing something that I'm completely and utterly passionate about. Hula hoops are that passion that I've decided will help me change the world. And as of late, the Universe is telling me to keep going...likely that big push from Neptune.

I had spoken before in my blog of the temp position I had acquired...and just how upset I was that I had to work at a job that wasn't allowing me to channel my desires to help change the world and help others. Little did I know that being at a job where I was given ample time in front of a computer allowed me to focus on my passion indirectly.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was writing a blog as an application for Deanne Love's Hoop Love Coaching course. My thoughts on taking courses like this were similar to those I had about traveling when I was younger. Sounds great, but likely something I'll never do. Well, for those of you who don't know me, I lived in Australia for a year, went to Las Vegas and DisneyWorld, spent some time on the West coast of Canada, and traveled to Nepal for three months not too long ago.

All of this time I had on the computer proved to be advantageous:
- I applied for two different scholarships to teach hoop dance; one with Deanne Love and the other with Shakti Sunfire (two of my biggest hooping inspirations!)
- I created my event for World Hoop Day and have corresponded with hoopers I had met at MEME
- those hoopers also led me to discover a local circus group where flow artists and performers meet...and the venue that's super close to my house might work for WHD!
- I've been inspired to write blogs (Thanks, Deanne!) and after submitting a piece to, I officially joined the team of staff writers
- I discovered a vending opportunity at the Sherbrook Street Festival coming up on Saturday, September 6...
-...which led me to create my very first display rack for my hoops!
- With the street festival coming up in less than two weeks, I've been busy makin' those beautiful circles!

All of this happened within the last week or two, and I'm manifesting my hearts deepest desire. I feel like when we start to do the things we love, the Universe responds and allows some things to fall into our laps. Hard work, determination and our burning passion are still required to succeed, but with gestures like this, it's hard not to recognize that we must be doing something right!

I'm a Virgo myself, so I feel particularly in tune with this new moon. Virgos are earthy goddesses, and what I can take from this is parallel to what Shakti says when she refers to bringing our dreams down onto the earthy plain. All these dreams and inclinations about what I want to make of my life on this earth are trickling down, and so long that we keep our eyes open, they will continue to manifest themselves.

Tonight I will sit down and create an inspiration board covered in my goals and dreams. Without hesitation I know that these items will come to fruition.

A world without limits would be everyone doing their part in changing the world by doing what they love. And I'm so excited that my path of service is finally visible.

With love,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hoop Love Coach Scholarship September 2014

Hola, friends! Gypsy here...but you can call me Ray :)

I'd like to start by thanking you for the chance at an opportunity for financial assistance for this amazing course. Through the offering of this program, you are opening up the door for many to continue on their path to their hoop dreams and goals...and that is something to truly be thankful for!

My very first hoop <3
My hooping adventure began many moons ago in the summer of 2010 when I picked up my friends beginner hoop. Heavy and coming up to past my belly button, it was black with bright green gaffer tape on it. Less than a year later while I was living in Australia, I was gifted my own collapsible hoop. She was beautiful and pink with paisley material.

My story doesn't get exciting, though, until 2012 when I decided to travel to Nepal. Hula hoop in tow I flew to Kathmandu in hopes to find my passion in life (this was shortly after my mid-twenties crisis when I realized I still had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life.) I was there helping a friend establish her non-profit organization, LoveFound. Nepal was a magical land where I learnt all about the value of letting go, the importance of recognizing synchronicity, and most importantly...World Hoop Day.

Rooftop hooping in Kathmandu, Nepal
There's not too many hula hoopers in Kathmandu, so when I would bring mine out, it attracted some attention. I met a photographer for the Associated Press who mentioned World Hoop Day in conversation. Neat! The very next day I researched just what this glorious day and organization was all about.

And that was it. I was sold.

Once I became an Ambassador for World Hoop Day, I realized that hooping would be my offering to the world. That's how I would make a difference. Things spiraled into a hoopy oblivion from there. I even got to make my first hoop donation to an orphanage in Kathmandu, as well as leaving my own beloved circle at a hostel for others to continue to enjoy.

Hooping with street kids in Kathmandu, Nepal
World Hoop Day 2012
My days in Nepal were spent researching and discovering just how amazing and massive hoop dance actually is...and all around the world! I was able to sign up for hooping classes in Winnipeg commencing once I was back in Canada, and I contacted the teacher to see if she would be able to teach me how to make collapsible hoops (I purchased one of her hoops to take with me to Nepal.)

Upon my return to Canada, I was straight away into planning mode. I was dubbed the nickname 'Gypsy' while I was travelling, and from there sprouted Hoops by Gypsy. Part of the proceeds from my sales are to help me spread the hoop love, and every World Hoop Day I am happy to do my best to host an event to connect to my community and come together with other hoopers to help change the world.

Hoops by Gypsy vending at Midsummer's Dream 2013
Prince George, BC
I can honestly say (from the bottom of my heart) that there is nothing in my life that I have ever been this passionate about. I've seen the magic a circle can create, the barriers it can break and just how much ego it can strip away. The alchemy that hooping creates is something that I want to share with others on a deep level.

If chosen as the recipient of this wondrous gift, I will be able to take the next step and help others on their path. World Hoop Day is October 4 this year (shortly after training is completed), and I would love nothing more than to be able to share the magic. This would also allow me to step forward as a leader within the hooping community and live out my biggest hearts desire. This year is significant due to the fact that last year was utterly discouraging as I had not much more to offer than a dry space on a rainy day, and some good beats. This year I hope to offer classes (if not taught by me then another hoopdance instructor), a screening of The Hoop Life, and a communal space for hoopers to connect and learn.

My hoop vision is one filled with flow, meaning and purpose. I've grown (and will continue to grow) into the person I want to be, and I have chosen this path to share love, bring peace, and, most of all, be of service to others. Hooping is so much more than divine movement of our physical bodies. It's an ethereal experience for the mind and soul.

Again, thank you for this opportunity. The gratitude bubbles up from my heart space and floats all the way to you. When I feel like this, I say that I'm 'bursting sparkles' I'm sending you sparkles, too.

With love and gratitude,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why do you think hooping has become so popular?

Good question, Deanne Love.

Me and my cherished illuminated circle
It's Day 14 of 40 Days of Flow, and the more thought I put into that question, the deeper I dive into my own hoop journey and where (and WHY) it all began (I get the tingles just thinking about why all of this came to be in the first place):

Back in 2010 a friend of mine purchased a beginner hoop. It was black with bright lime green gaffer tape on it. Up until that point, I had really only ever seen hoopers at the only music festival I had ever gone to the previous summer...Motion Notion. But what I had seen sparked a keen interest in me. These magical creatures flowed with these beautiful, sometimes illuminated, circles around them. They were captivating.

This black and green hoop (that wasn't even mine) was far from the smaller plastic hoops I had seen used, but this is where I knew I had to start. I wanted to be one of those magical creatures, a hooping gypsy with jingles and flow and sparkles on my face. I wanted my body to move in ways I still had yet to understand, enamoring those around me. I wanted to manifest the flow that I understood came from within, bringing forth ecstatic movement.

With so many of us starting to live a more awakened lifestyle, the appeal of hooping comes from the eagerness to transcend our physical bodies by diving deep into a realm that seems ethereal. This seemingly lifeless prop allows us to channel our inner child and in some cases our higher consciousness'.

a Hoops by Gypsy original
My first hurdle, and the first hurdle for most, was keeping the hoop around my waist. Present day beginner hoops are much bigger than the small and very light plastic ones we may have played with as kids. Generally made out of some type of irrigation tubing, beginner hoops have a weight to them that allows us to initially understand how our bodies have to move to maintain flow.

Without fail my first attempts were feeble and the hoop would fall to the ground. But my determination was bigger than those failures. Triumphant in keeping it up, I vividly remember that summer night in 2010, standing on the spot and hooping in my backyard. My arms hung awkwardly above the hoop. The smile on my face was unchanging. The grass was tall and the sun was setting. I had bounded over that first hurdle, and I think in that moment I had taken my first step on the brightly colored road of my hooping adventure.

The popularity of this budding activity has exploded as more people realize that it's not just a desire to become a hypnotic dancer. Hooping is first and foremost a basic form of exercise (albeit way more fun than doing crunches or going for a run, in my opinion!) We sometimes don't recognize it as such because it's also a great way to put a smile on your face. It promotes health and happiness in the most fundamental way. It de-stresses some and is a form of meditation for others. Hooping can help balance an unbalanced life, and will undoubtedly provide purpose for those who need it. It connects you to music in mystifying ways, and helps you understand the necessity of movement.

Beyond that, for me personally, it opens up my heart space to the grand vastness of the Universe. It's an ever-expanding form of movement for my body and soul. It blisses me out and challenges me, and reminds me that everything is in a perpetual state of change and movement...just the way me and the hoop flow.

Hoops by Gypsy
Years later I now make and sell my own collapsible hula hoops. I am an ambassador for World Hoop Day and have goals to make and donate hoops to those less fortunate. I want to share this hooping revolution with the world, and recognize that this is how I will help change the world.

One hoop at a time.
Much love,

Instagram: @hoopsbygypsy

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yesterday's Today

Today I write about yesterday.

Remember. Bite-sized. 
My meditation from my Women's Book of Courage yesterday (Day 11 of 40 Days of Flow) was about only taking bite-size pieces. It's true that often times we take off more than we can chew, sometimes viewing the MUCH bigger picture all at once and consequently throwing ourselves into a state of dizzying panic. Much to our surprise, that feeling of distress goes away once we've subconsciously taken the first tiny bite. 

From there, we're master problem solvers...until it happens again.

Anyone else all too familiar with this seemingly endless pattern? I'm not sure if it's OCD, or just my willingness to over-complicate things, but I struggle with anxiety (and it comes in the forms of worry, stress, the insatiable urge to micro-manage, guilt, panic...) So I generally try and stuff the whole thing in my mouth at once (this rule generally applies for ice cream, as well.) 

But here's the trick: once you're aware of this at times debilitating problem, you have the means to stop making the same mistake of overwhelming yourself. It may be habit for us to react to problems and instantaneously start trying to figure out how to make the problem go away. No one likes conflict...that I know of anyway. But for the majority, we don't initially take the time to see how to carry out the smaller tasks that will eventually lead to the solution. 

Like any cycle we're trying to break, being aware of it is the first step. Will you still react, freak out, and try and swallow the whole thing? Likely. But don't be embarrassed to spit some of it out (I absolutely just envisioned a bird regurgitating its food. Oh, good.) Ask for help. Or better yet, just sit with the problem for awhile. 

You ARE a master problem solver. You just gotta give it a minute. 

with love,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Days of Gratitude

Alas, the weekend ate away two days of blogging...

However, I feel like that time away allowed me to have time to myself, but more importantly allowed for me to experience the things that make me truly greatful.

Friday was Day 8 of my 40 Days of Flow. I was at work for most of the day reading about some pretty heavy stuff (specifically the Jonestown Massacre that occurred in 1978 - I had no idea what it was and a new article lead me to Wikipedia which proceeded to lead me down some pretty weird roads within the Wikipedia realm.) I am thankful for the world I live in - albeit a little messed up right now - that I can learn about these things, and have the freedom and security I do within Canada. 

Free movie in the park at Assiniboine Park under the
beautiful almost full moon
After work I was able to come home to my loving manfriend who spent time with me before making me a delicious dinner. I am thankful for my loving and accepting partner. We were then invited to spend some time with friends in the park. I am thankful to live in a city that offers an endless list of free activities like movies in the park. We got to sit under the almost full moon in the warm summer air watching a movie with a sea of beautiful people. Before we headed home, manfriend and I spent some time together meandering downtown Winnipeg and grabbed a drink. I am thankful for the ability to do activities that require any type of finances. We live a cushy life and I'm thankful for the means to life in comfort when so many others don't have the basic necessities.

Saturday was Day 9...and my day to sleep in; however, my cats had different plans for me. I woke up around 7 a.m. to feed them so they'd stop meowing in my face. I AM thankful for the opportunity to have two beautiful fur creatures in my home as a part of our family that I can care for and was able to remove from a shelter. I was able to get a couple more hours of sleep after that before a couple of my friends started to contact me...and after much apprehension to do something last minute, I was getting ready for a day at Fun Mountain Water Park. I am thankful for friends that include me, love me, and are willing to persuade me out of my shell from time to time. 

Waterpark fun - it was mythically themed
Our day out in the sun was great. I even sported a bikini at a very busy waterslide park. I brought my I am thankful for the opportunities to be out in the sun, spending time with friends and have such carefree fun. After it was home to shower, and then sister and I had plans to hit up Folklorama. We only really ever go to one pavilion, that being the Ukrainian one. We're mostly Ukrainian and after over ten years of dancing ourselves, it's nice to go watch the amazing talent. We went out for some delicious drinks after the Ukrainian fun. Sister is getting married in October, and we had fun making plans and talking about what's left to be's coming up quick! I am thankful for my amazing and inspiring older sister who is my best friend, soul mate, and biggest fan - When I asked her why she liked hooping she responded with, "Because you like it...?" I love her! Haha.
hoop, but the slides proved to be way too much fun (even though I was scared to go on some of them!)

Saturday night it was time to get our groove on. Most of my closest friends here in Winnipeg were headed out, and I even managed to convince manfriend to come out. No hooping yet, but moving my body sure felt amazing. I am thankful for my able body and the ability to shimmy at my hearts desire. 

Finally today, Sunday, was Day 10 of 40 Days of Flow. It's been uber hot here in Winnipeg and I didn't want to spend the day sitting inside. I am thankful for the warmth of the sun...because the winter is hard sometimes, and we have to be thankful for everyday of the summer! Part of my 'funk' that I've been in is the fact that while our summer is great, it's not nearly as long as our winter, and I cried my eyes out the one day because it was almost August. So I've been inspired to be outside and doing things as much as I can! This challenge is helping me to get a little more outside my comfort zone.

Watching the Goldeyes at Shaw Park - They won!
Manfriend and I, on a whim, decided it was a beautiful Sunday to go to a baseball game! Winnipeg has a beautiful ball park in the heart of the city. It was a warm 24 degrees (it felt a lot hotter sitting in the sun for three hours!), and again...I got my dosage of vitamin D. We walked to the Forks afterwards and spent some more time outside before heading to get some delicious sushi! I am thankful for the chance to eat delicious foods! 

On that note, I might not have crossed off list items, but I spent time enjoying and being thankful for all of the opportunities in my life. My anxiety was prevalent at points during the weekend, but in retrospect, I am simply thankful...Filled with gratitude. I live in a beautiful city with my beautiful partner where my beautiful sister also lives. I have a job (even if it is temporary), and am able to live a comfortable life. I have beautiful friends that provide me with beautiful acceptance. And have the ability to recognize all of this beauty around me. Things happen for a reason. No need to feel bad, regret things, or be hard on myself. This challenge is about flow...and you know what they say.

Might as well go with the flow.

Day 10. Time to sleep.

much love,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

When I love myself with my whole heart I...

spirals of life in my sacred circle
...feel like I'm bursting sparkles. Right out of my heart space.
...don't feel ashamed or think negatively about myself.
...forgive myself for all the things I feel I've done wrong in my life. (Like...everything. I remember what feels like every single thing I've done and feel ashamed about.)
...cry completely blissful tears (on the bus while listening to heart-happy music and watching a baby smile and look at the world with complete bewilderment and curiosity.) others just as much. exponentially more productive and feel motivated.
...don't give a shit what others think of me, nor do I let what others have said about me in the past get in my way. things that make me even MORE hoop, and sing, and spend time in within the wildness of Mother Earth. more compassionate than I think I can take.
...think about the Universe and just how absolutely fucking crazy it is that everything is connected, and breathing life all around us. quick to forgive and don't react as easily because my headspace is clearer.
...want to encourage others and motivate them and help them awaken to the idea that they have the ability to change everything in their reality.
...believe in the ability to change MY reality, and believe in the law of attraction and the immense power of my own thoughts.
...shift my perspective when looking out on the world.
...shift my perspective. Period. the world with my whole heart.

***This post was inspired by Deanne Love's Day 6 40 Days of Flow YouTube post. She challenged us to push past all the conditioning we've been subjected to in our lives, and really understand and dig deep into what happens when we love ourselves unconditionally. Every day that goes by during this challenge, I don't start talking down to myself because I didn't get this done or get that done. With work and life I have't been making time to hoop or be a perfect nutritionist when it comes to my diet, but that's ok. Something bigger is going on.

It's like I'm standing at the tip of a giant funnel...looking up and out into the cosmos. I'm insignificant and the most significant. I am nothing but I'm everything that's connected to everything else.

Day 7. Universal success.

much love,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pampered souls; Pampered bodies

To keep up with the blog for 40 Days of Flow, I need to get something down before head to bed...

Alright. Day 6.

Today was a glorious Winesday...I started my temp job (where I actually had some time to do some research for Hoops by Gypsy), and then a shopping/dinner date with sister! It was a day to get things done, and while I still haven't hooped, I drank lots of water (check), read my daily meditation and mantras from my book (check), started my job (check), blogged (almost check), and honored my body with some delicious food at dinner (check). So I wouldn't say it's a complete fail...not to mention it's a lot too warm to do any hooping. Phew! 

I've been seeing so many beautiful videos on Facebook and Instagram of these amazing hoopers, and posting a video like that seems awfully daunting. So I think I'm going to add to my list...that by Day 40 of this 40 Days of Flow, I'm going to add "Post at least one hoop video." I think I can, I think I can...

My new face polish I pampered myself with tonight! 
I would also like to randomly state that I think we underestimate the importance of pampering and taking care of our bodies. Like...our actually physical bodies. Yes, meditation is good for our minds and souls, and there are lots of things we do to clear our head in a day. But when was the last time your gave yourself a full-body exfoliation, or gave yourself (or had someone else) give you a foot massage...those things do a LOT for us. I don't even think that anyone that gets regular pedicures (or any other spa treatment for that matter) realizes just how beneficial these things are for our bodies.

One of my favorite things to do is wash my face after a long day. I love the feeling of refreshing my skin, cleansing it of impurities and the feeling of rejuvenation. I also love to honor my hands by using nice lavender lotion and lavender oil before bed. These things relieve stress from my mind and calm my soul, but it also sends out a vibration of gratitude to my hands for doing all the amazing things they do. 

My conclusion? Pampering our bodies completely coincides with pampering our souls. They're so completely intertwined with one another, that we can't forget to thank our physical bodies for doing the amazing things they do on a daily (and nightly) basis. 

40 Days of Flow is about simplifying our life, but I also think it's a great time to renew our bodies, our sacred temples that carry our living vibrations in this Universe. 

Day 6. Signing off. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jobs vs. Purpose

Well, I've successfully found a 'job'...that's one thing off my list.

Day 5 of my 40 Days of Flow started well with one meditation from my book: The Women's Book of Courage. Today's meditation was on strength, and the affirmations were as follows: 

These affirmations would play a seemingly large role as my day played out. It felt really good to do something like this as soon as I got up, though, let me tell you. Having those in my mind and in my heart actually felt really good (and I *did* it instead per my last post haha.) 

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I've been job searching for over two months. I'm looking for administrative work and at places like Winnipeg Regional Health, Canadian Blood Services, and other NGOs. I've applied for nearly 30 positions and have not heard back from anywhere. Amidst all this job searching, I was able to get my foot in the door with a placement agency. There's been positions here and there, but generally due to timing, I haven't been able to take those jobs. Until today...

I had a call last week for a heating supply wholesaler. Again, due to lack of notice, I was unable to go in on Friday. I got the call today from my placement agency saying that the same place was still looking for someone, and I was stuck...the financial stress is starting to bare down, but I'm still waiting for that 'perfect' job to come knocking on my door. 

So I reluctantly accepted and I start in the morning...and what did I do today? I cried and cried and cried some more (my cats didn't know what was going on.) This isn't what I'm meant to be doing in my life. I'm not supposed to have a job just to have a job. I'm supposed to be changing the world...or helping, anyway. I was screaming on the inside. 

Sister called and reminded me that it's temporary. And as I calmed down and accepted that this isn't such a bad thing (a good thing, in fact...I'm no longer funemployed!), I started to wonder...does taking this job mean that I'm no longer living my purpose? 

Now let's keep in mind that I'm not 100% sure what it is I want to do EXACTLY. (I feel as you get older that idea of 'what you want to do when you grow up' becomes harder and harder...for some of us at least. At a young age I wanted to be a gas attendant...because they got to use squeegees.) I DO know, however, that I want to make a difference. I want to change the world. One hoop at a time. Is the hooping business lucrative? Not exaaactly, but it could be. And I know from my experience in Nepal that you don't have to be a doctor or be able to build houses to change the world. 

And I have a feeling that I'm not the only one having an existential crisis in their mid-20s. People are waking up to realize that their happiness is much more important than a job. So let's look at it this way...I excel in the administrative type work. So how can I put that to use and live out my purpose? 

I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say just got me thinking, if anyone else thinks this, too...? This job is temporary (as everything in life is)...and it doesn't mean that I'm veering off my seemingly care-free gypsy path. This is happening for a reason, and my dream 'job' purpose still flying through the Universe towards me. And will happen when it's meant to happen. sure is taking it's time, though. 

Day 5...mediocre success. 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Enemies & Assets

"You're your worst enemy; you are also you're greatest asset."

- inspiration from my beautiful sister

A lesson in self-sabotage. Inspired by Deanne Love's Day 3 vlog from the 40 Days of Flow challenge...

Hooping in Kathmandu, Nepal
World Hoop Day 2012
When I returned from my travels in Nepal February 2013, I was on a mission. I had goals, passions, reason. The epiphany that had dawned on me while I was travelling was this: If I wanted anything to change, no one was going to help me do it. I had to do it myself. This mainly revolved around losing weight, getting actively involved in yoga/hooping, and generally being more proactive. 

A tough lesson, but one that we must face up to at (let's face it) many point in this life. We have to want to change. We have to be open and accepting of encouragement, suggestions, and above all...criticism from those who love us and want to see us succeed; however, if we aren't open to those things, or don't have the desire to change ourselves, we can't expect or blame anyone else for our lack of improvement. 

Alright, so with that being said...this is all easier said than done. I have days (fortunately, like today - Day 4) where I get up, clean, make something healthy to eat, do something creative, hoop!, use my body and go for a walk...and all this makes me feel great! I am aware that it makes me feel great...not to mention that it's healthy for my body, mind and soul. 

So WHY then, do we resist these things and sabotage our well being? WHY?! It remains a mystery to me. But we all do it to some extent. Why get up early and go to yoga class when I can stay in my nice comfy bed and get some more sleep? 

Every activity in our daily lives is in some way habitual. So my theory is that all we have to do is make the healthy activities a habit. Then, perhaps, it won't be like pulling teeth to get yourself out of bed to yoga class (or out the door for a walk, in the kitchen to make a healthy and delicious meal, or...)

Day 4 was a success. Tomorrow will be, too. And by the end of this 40 Days of Flow challenge, my habits WILL, in fact, reflect a healthy and positive lifestyle. (See what I did there? Positive thinking and reinforcement!)

NOTE: We all have our bad days...don't be too hard on yourself ;) 

Day 4. Signing off.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Start with a challenge...

Back to this...and I'm starting with a challenge. I must be some sort of crazy.

Introductions first. Hi! I'm Rachel aka Gypsy of Hoops by Gypsy

Answer the question "Why another blog?" second. I love to write, and as part of my 40 Days of Flow I am going to do my best to write something everyday. What's this "40 Days of Flow" I'm referring to? Here, watch this (NOTE: This is not me...this is the lovely Deanne Love of : 

So...40 days of transformation, challenges, and change. Using the hashtag of #40daysofflow, I've been following others journey so far. Unfortunately this challenge started on August 1, and now I'm two days behind. HOWEVER, better late than...never, I suppose.

Why am I two days late? Well, if I'm being honest, the reasons I'm late to the game are the same reasons I'm doing the 40 Days of Flow in the first place. Feelings of depression, sadness, discouragement, neglect, generally an overall feeling of being in a funk...these feelings crept up on me and I think I can confidently say I've never been more motivated.

My sacred workspace. 
A little background story third: My partner and I recently moved back to Winnipeg, MB, Canada...over two months ago, actually. I was excited and ready to take on the impending job hunt. Administrative jobs aren't hard to come by in cities this size, and so I started to apply...and apply and apply and apply. In the meantime my partner got hired on at a very fancy restaurant as a waiter. Great! Fancy place means good tips. I also intermittently used my time to re-establish Hoops by Gypsy here in Winnipeg, ordering tape, buying supplies, and making custom orders (a small but meaningful financial resource, at least.)

After over two months of job searching, I've applied for nearly 25 administrative positions here in Winnipeg, and have heard nothing back. Albeit there was about a 10 day period where I stopped looking to spend some time with my sister at our family cabin...and to be honest, I had to take a break. I was becoming seemingly discouraged and disheartened by my diminishing prospects. But perhaps I didn't, in fact, miss the first couple days of this challenge. Friday, August 1 I was back looking for jobs. And I can confidently say that finding a job is on my list of goals for the next 40 days.

Full list of goals fourthly (fourthly?):

1. I feel the first one should be obvious...write! I love to write. Stumbling upon words that so eloquently string together in mid-air. Only for moment before I bumble along to the next ones. It's good for the soul.

2. Find a job! Time to hop back on the positive thought train. The perfect job is hurtling towards me through the Universe and will show up at the right time. Everything is divinely timed.

3. Drink! Water, of course. I could elaborate on the importance of water, but I won't. This does, however, have something to do with my next goal...

4. Honor my body! I have likely the biggest sweet tooth. Ever. Out of anyone. And sometimes I'm a bad influence on others (Ooops.) My sister, who also happens to be my soul mate and best friend, is getting married October 18. She wants to look great for her wedding, and I want to look great up there next to her as her Maid of Honor. So this means honoring my body and not feeding it junk...and also not influencing others to make these seemingly questionable decisions with me. Everything in moderation of course, but time to cut back and start treating my body like the beautiful feminine temple it is! Perhaps my juicer misses me...Sorry, ice cream.

I've got the 'embracing my womanly
curves' part under wraps. Thanks ladies!
5. Hoop! Even if it's just for a couple minutes a day. I have a goal of getting shoulder hooping under my belt this summer (it WILL be mine), and that IS, in fact, going to happen. So a couple minutes, or a couple hours...I will hoop every day. And hey! I did that today.

 6. Read! Specifically: one meditation every day from The Woman's Book of Courage. This book was gifted to me by my beautiful sister. And, as a feminist, I think all women should read this. I've read some of it and it's empowering and helps us realize that we have the power to change. And this, of course, is what this challenge is all about. After I've read it, I would like to meditate with it for awhile. There are great affirmations with each meditation. These should come in handy, yes?

Overall, I think what this challenge of 40 Days of Flow is for me is to re-focus. I've experienced joyful bliss before. And it's about time I got it back. Send me your thoughts, suggestions, comments...I can't do this alone! And if you choose to hop on board the 40 Days of Flow train, find everyone on the Facebook page and/or hashtag #40daysofflow!

Gratitude lastly: If by some divine Universal power Deanne Love herself is reading this, please know this...I am filled with gratitude that despite distance, all around the world there are beautiful, empowered women who encourage and help others rediscover...or discover for the first time...who they are. So thank you, Deanne. You're one of my biggest hooping inspirations and I hope one day the Universe sees it fit to have our paths cross!

Day 3. Over and out.

Signing off,