Monday, December 15, 2014

It's happening...right now...Woah.

As I sit at my work table with my cup of tea, my computer on, hoop journal open and pen in hand, I'm on the line with one of my biggest hoopspirations and mentors, Deanne Love. One by one Hoop Love Coaches from all around the globe pop up on the call. Is this really happening?

A conference call to share where we are in our journey, to share the all the big things (or not so big things) that happened in 2014...and all the AMAZING things we're going to do in 2015.

THANK YOU, Deanne for creating this space (love to your manfriend for taking care of the technical side of things) and allowing us to be able to connect and be open with each other.

It's funny, though. Some of the things that were coming out of my mouth were in-the-moment revelations. Perhaps I sounded like those were things I was already aware of, but I don't think I was.
This happened. So that's something, right? 

For so long I've been wondering when IT'S going to happen. When am I going to be a beautiful hooper, when am I going to be a successful entrepreneur? When are all these things going to happen? I'm WAITING! I feel like screaming at the Universe sometimes.

In true Virgo form, I sit wasting my time, thinking about all the things that have happened in the past, and wondering if any of them have made a difference for my future.

But wait...what's going on right now? As I sit sharing with the small group of Hoop Love Coaches, I realize's happening. Right NOW.

It was an in-the-moment revelation.

Well then, now that we have that cleared up...I can proceed with making space and setting my goals and business plans for 2015!

It's going to be a good year for Hoops by Gypsy. A really good year.
(Stay tuned!)

all of the love,

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