Monday, June 1, 2015

Burnout. The struggle is real.

Go to work. Come home. Work on hoops. Sleep.
The sweet nectar of the gods and goddesses...

Go to work. Come home. Work on hoops. Sleep.

Do event. Don't do as well as you hoped. Come home. Work on hoops. Sleep.

Go to work. Come home. Work on hoops. Sleep.

Teach class. Screw up the flow session. Feel like a terrible hoop teacher.

Go to work. Come home. Work on hoops. Sleep.


And there, my friends, is where Hoops by Gypsy sits today. It's a scary place, but in retrospect, I'm not all that surprised. When your home is also your workplace, you tend to lose balance.

It's important to maintain the very precarious balance of your personal hoop practice, your business, any other jobs you might hold, your relationships (intimate and otherwise), as well as YOU time.

When you have your own business, all you want for it is to succeed. Now, there have been times when I haven't put 110% into my business, but that goes hand in hand with having a life and other work outside your business.

Moving back to Winnipeg in 2014, I had new ground to cover. So it was time to get my poop in a group. I became a certified Hoop Love Coach. I set a LOT of goals. And most of those goals I was able to make.

But after one shitty hoop class (from my perspective it was), and one not-so-great hoop sale...I started to second guess all my hard work.

Was hooping what I really wanted to do? Was it my thing? If I'm not Gypsy, who am I? *cue identity crisis*

And then one day...I didn't even want to LOOK at a hoop, let alone pick one up and actually hoop with it.

I gave it a couple weeks and I've come up with the following conclusions (and don't worry, quitting hooping isn't at all a part of any of them!):
  1. If you own your own business (specifically a hoop one), be mindful of your own daily practices (hoop or not.) Do not mix these practices up with your business or other areas of your life. Take time with these practices and focus on what they do for you. Not your business. 
  2. Take time (if needed) away from your business. It, too, deserves vacation time. If need be, actually take a vacation so you're not at home and surrounded by more business stuff. 
SO...after some time away from hoops (where I didn't pressure myself to always be working or planning to work on something hoop related), I'm ready to pick up a hoop again. But that means that I have to re-establish my relationship with these great circles before I can really get back into the business side of things. 

Lesson learnt, and hopefully this doesn't happen again; however, I now know that running an entire business by yourself actually IS a lot of work, and taking breaks is entirely necessary. 

So no, Hoops by Gypsy isn't going anywhere. But bare with me while I take some time to get back to why I started this grand adventure in the first place.

I still want to stay connected with all of you, so if you need someone to hoop with, you know where to find me

Stay classy,

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