Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon in Virgo

Day 25 of 40 Days of Flow

I certainly haven't been diligent with my writing with; however, I'm happy to post that I have still been productive and maintaining focus during this challenge. Every day this challenge has been in my head, and is very present as I set my intentions for every day. My activities have an ebb and flow as I listen to my body, pay attention to my heart space, and keep my focus on what it is that I have been striving to accomplish by the end of this challenge (and to shift in my life overall.)

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This time is especially notable as today is the New Moon in Virgo. I opened up my email today to find an email of a very insightful understanding of what kind of energy is shifting with this new moon...and holy smokes did it ever resonate with me!

Shakti Sunfire speaks:
"This new moon in Virgo opposite Neptune offers us a BIG push (Mars square Saturn) in the direction of our WILDEST DREAMS (Neptune) made manifest (Virgo)."

THANK YOU, Shakti, for this beautiful insight. With everything that has been happening in my life, this synchronicity is very much welcomed. This is all finally making sense!

My one desire in life is to help others doing something that I'm completely and utterly passionate about. Hula hoops are that passion that I've decided will help me change the world. And as of late, the Universe is telling me to keep going...likely that big push from Neptune.

I had spoken before in my blog of the temp position I had acquired...and just how upset I was that I had to work at a job that wasn't allowing me to channel my desires to help change the world and help others. Little did I know that being at a job where I was given ample time in front of a computer allowed me to focus on my passion indirectly.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was writing a blog as an application for Deanne Love's Hoop Love Coaching course. My thoughts on taking courses like this were similar to those I had about traveling when I was younger. Sounds great, but likely something I'll never do. Well, for those of you who don't know me, I lived in Australia for a year, went to Las Vegas and DisneyWorld, spent some time on the West coast of Canada, and traveled to Nepal for three months not too long ago.

All of this time I had on the computer proved to be advantageous:
- I applied for two different scholarships to teach hoop dance; one with Deanne Love and the other with Shakti Sunfire (two of my biggest hooping inspirations!)
- I created my event for World Hoop Day and have corresponded with hoopers I had met at MEME
- those hoopers also led me to discover a local circus group where flow artists and performers meet...and the venue that's super close to my house might work for WHD!
- I've been inspired to write blogs (Thanks, Deanne!) and after submitting a piece to, I officially joined the team of staff writers
- I discovered a vending opportunity at the Sherbrook Street Festival coming up on Saturday, September 6...
-...which led me to create my very first display rack for my hoops!
- With the street festival coming up in less than two weeks, I've been busy makin' those beautiful circles!

All of this happened within the last week or two, and I'm manifesting my hearts deepest desire. I feel like when we start to do the things we love, the Universe responds and allows some things to fall into our laps. Hard work, determination and our burning passion are still required to succeed, but with gestures like this, it's hard not to recognize that we must be doing something right!

I'm a Virgo myself, so I feel particularly in tune with this new moon. Virgos are earthy goddesses, and what I can take from this is parallel to what Shakti says when she refers to bringing our dreams down onto the earthy plain. All these dreams and inclinations about what I want to make of my life on this earth are trickling down, and so long that we keep our eyes open, they will continue to manifest themselves.

Tonight I will sit down and create an inspiration board covered in my goals and dreams. Without hesitation I know that these items will come to fruition.

A world without limits would be everyone doing their part in changing the world by doing what they love. And I'm so excited that my path of service is finally visible.

With love,

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