Sunday, August 10, 2014

Days of Gratitude

Alas, the weekend ate away two days of blogging...

However, I feel like that time away allowed me to have time to myself, but more importantly allowed for me to experience the things that make me truly greatful.

Friday was Day 8 of my 40 Days of Flow. I was at work for most of the day reading about some pretty heavy stuff (specifically the Jonestown Massacre that occurred in 1978 - I had no idea what it was and a new article lead me to Wikipedia which proceeded to lead me down some pretty weird roads within the Wikipedia realm.) I am thankful for the world I live in - albeit a little messed up right now - that I can learn about these things, and have the freedom and security I do within Canada. 

Free movie in the park at Assiniboine Park under the
beautiful almost full moon
After work I was able to come home to my loving manfriend who spent time with me before making me a delicious dinner. I am thankful for my loving and accepting partner. We were then invited to spend some time with friends in the park. I am thankful to live in a city that offers an endless list of free activities like movies in the park. We got to sit under the almost full moon in the warm summer air watching a movie with a sea of beautiful people. Before we headed home, manfriend and I spent some time together meandering downtown Winnipeg and grabbed a drink. I am thankful for the ability to do activities that require any type of finances. We live a cushy life and I'm thankful for the means to life in comfort when so many others don't have the basic necessities.

Saturday was Day 9...and my day to sleep in; however, my cats had different plans for me. I woke up around 7 a.m. to feed them so they'd stop meowing in my face. I AM thankful for the opportunity to have two beautiful fur creatures in my home as a part of our family that I can care for and was able to remove from a shelter. I was able to get a couple more hours of sleep after that before a couple of my friends started to contact me...and after much apprehension to do something last minute, I was getting ready for a day at Fun Mountain Water Park. I am thankful for friends that include me, love me, and are willing to persuade me out of my shell from time to time. 

Waterpark fun - it was mythically themed
Our day out in the sun was great. I even sported a bikini at a very busy waterslide park. I brought my I am thankful for the opportunities to be out in the sun, spending time with friends and have such carefree fun. After it was home to shower, and then sister and I had plans to hit up Folklorama. We only really ever go to one pavilion, that being the Ukrainian one. We're mostly Ukrainian and after over ten years of dancing ourselves, it's nice to go watch the amazing talent. We went out for some delicious drinks after the Ukrainian fun. Sister is getting married in October, and we had fun making plans and talking about what's left to be's coming up quick! I am thankful for my amazing and inspiring older sister who is my best friend, soul mate, and biggest fan - When I asked her why she liked hooping she responded with, "Because you like it...?" I love her! Haha.
hoop, but the slides proved to be way too much fun (even though I was scared to go on some of them!)

Saturday night it was time to get our groove on. Most of my closest friends here in Winnipeg were headed out, and I even managed to convince manfriend to come out. No hooping yet, but moving my body sure felt amazing. I am thankful for my able body and the ability to shimmy at my hearts desire. 

Finally today, Sunday, was Day 10 of 40 Days of Flow. It's been uber hot here in Winnipeg and I didn't want to spend the day sitting inside. I am thankful for the warmth of the sun...because the winter is hard sometimes, and we have to be thankful for everyday of the summer! Part of my 'funk' that I've been in is the fact that while our summer is great, it's not nearly as long as our winter, and I cried my eyes out the one day because it was almost August. So I've been inspired to be outside and doing things as much as I can! This challenge is helping me to get a little more outside my comfort zone.

Watching the Goldeyes at Shaw Park - They won!
Manfriend and I, on a whim, decided it was a beautiful Sunday to go to a baseball game! Winnipeg has a beautiful ball park in the heart of the city. It was a warm 24 degrees (it felt a lot hotter sitting in the sun for three hours!), and again...I got my dosage of vitamin D. We walked to the Forks afterwards and spent some more time outside before heading to get some delicious sushi! I am thankful for the chance to eat delicious foods! 

On that note, I might not have crossed off list items, but I spent time enjoying and being thankful for all of the opportunities in my life. My anxiety was prevalent at points during the weekend, but in retrospect, I am simply thankful...Filled with gratitude. I live in a beautiful city with my beautiful partner where my beautiful sister also lives. I have a job (even if it is temporary), and am able to live a comfortable life. I have beautiful friends that provide me with beautiful acceptance. And have the ability to recognize all of this beauty around me. Things happen for a reason. No need to feel bad, regret things, or be hard on myself. This challenge is about flow...and you know what they say.

Might as well go with the flow.

Day 10. Time to sleep.

much love,

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