Monday, August 4, 2014

Enemies & Assets

"You're your worst enemy; you are also you're greatest asset."

- inspiration from my beautiful sister

A lesson in self-sabotage. Inspired by Deanne Love's Day 3 vlog from the 40 Days of Flow challenge...

Hooping in Kathmandu, Nepal
World Hoop Day 2012
When I returned from my travels in Nepal February 2013, I was on a mission. I had goals, passions, reason. The epiphany that had dawned on me while I was travelling was this: If I wanted anything to change, no one was going to help me do it. I had to do it myself. This mainly revolved around losing weight, getting actively involved in yoga/hooping, and generally being more proactive. 

A tough lesson, but one that we must face up to at (let's face it) many point in this life. We have to want to change. We have to be open and accepting of encouragement, suggestions, and above all...criticism from those who love us and want to see us succeed; however, if we aren't open to those things, or don't have the desire to change ourselves, we can't expect or blame anyone else for our lack of improvement. 

Alright, so with that being said...this is all easier said than done. I have days (fortunately, like today - Day 4) where I get up, clean, make something healthy to eat, do something creative, hoop!, use my body and go for a walk...and all this makes me feel great! I am aware that it makes me feel great...not to mention that it's healthy for my body, mind and soul. 

So WHY then, do we resist these things and sabotage our well being? WHY?! It remains a mystery to me. But we all do it to some extent. Why get up early and go to yoga class when I can stay in my nice comfy bed and get some more sleep? 

Every activity in our daily lives is in some way habitual. So my theory is that all we have to do is make the healthy activities a habit. Then, perhaps, it won't be like pulling teeth to get yourself out of bed to yoga class (or out the door for a walk, in the kitchen to make a healthy and delicious meal, or...)

Day 4 was a success. Tomorrow will be, too. And by the end of this 40 Days of Flow challenge, my habits WILL, in fact, reflect a healthy and positive lifestyle. (See what I did there? Positive thinking and reinforcement!)

NOTE: We all have our bad days...don't be too hard on yourself ;) 

Day 4. Signing off.


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