Thursday, August 7, 2014

When I love myself with my whole heart I...

spirals of life in my sacred circle
...feel like I'm bursting sparkles. Right out of my heart space.
...don't feel ashamed or think negatively about myself.
...forgive myself for all the things I feel I've done wrong in my life. (Like...everything. I remember what feels like every single thing I've done and feel ashamed about.)
...cry completely blissful tears (on the bus while listening to heart-happy music and watching a baby smile and look at the world with complete bewilderment and curiosity.) others just as much. exponentially more productive and feel motivated.
...don't give a shit what others think of me, nor do I let what others have said about me in the past get in my way. things that make me even MORE hoop, and sing, and spend time in within the wildness of Mother Earth. more compassionate than I think I can take.
...think about the Universe and just how absolutely fucking crazy it is that everything is connected, and breathing life all around us. quick to forgive and don't react as easily because my headspace is clearer.
...want to encourage others and motivate them and help them awaken to the idea that they have the ability to change everything in their reality.
...believe in the ability to change MY reality, and believe in the law of attraction and the immense power of my own thoughts.
...shift my perspective when looking out on the world.
...shift my perspective. Period. the world with my whole heart.

***This post was inspired by Deanne Love's Day 6 40 Days of Flow YouTube post. She challenged us to push past all the conditioning we've been subjected to in our lives, and really understand and dig deep into what happens when we love ourselves unconditionally. Every day that goes by during this challenge, I don't start talking down to myself because I didn't get this done or get that done. With work and life I have't been making time to hoop or be a perfect nutritionist when it comes to my diet, but that's ok. Something bigger is going on.

It's like I'm standing at the tip of a giant funnel...looking up and out into the cosmos. I'm insignificant and the most significant. I am nothing but I'm everything that's connected to everything else.

Day 7. Universal success.

much love,

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