Sunday, August 3, 2014

Start with a challenge...

Back to this...and I'm starting with a challenge. I must be some sort of crazy.

Introductions first. Hi! I'm Rachel aka Gypsy of Hoops by Gypsy

Answer the question "Why another blog?" second. I love to write, and as part of my 40 Days of Flow I am going to do my best to write something everyday. What's this "40 Days of Flow" I'm referring to? Here, watch this (NOTE: This is not me...this is the lovely Deanne Love of : 

So...40 days of transformation, challenges, and change. Using the hashtag of #40daysofflow, I've been following others journey so far. Unfortunately this challenge started on August 1, and now I'm two days behind. HOWEVER, better late than...never, I suppose.

Why am I two days late? Well, if I'm being honest, the reasons I'm late to the game are the same reasons I'm doing the 40 Days of Flow in the first place. Feelings of depression, sadness, discouragement, neglect, generally an overall feeling of being in a funk...these feelings crept up on me and I think I can confidently say I've never been more motivated.

My sacred workspace. 
A little background story third: My partner and I recently moved back to Winnipeg, MB, Canada...over two months ago, actually. I was excited and ready to take on the impending job hunt. Administrative jobs aren't hard to come by in cities this size, and so I started to apply...and apply and apply and apply. In the meantime my partner got hired on at a very fancy restaurant as a waiter. Great! Fancy place means good tips. I also intermittently used my time to re-establish Hoops by Gypsy here in Winnipeg, ordering tape, buying supplies, and making custom orders (a small but meaningful financial resource, at least.)

After over two months of job searching, I've applied for nearly 25 administrative positions here in Winnipeg, and have heard nothing back. Albeit there was about a 10 day period where I stopped looking to spend some time with my sister at our family cabin...and to be honest, I had to take a break. I was becoming seemingly discouraged and disheartened by my diminishing prospects. But perhaps I didn't, in fact, miss the first couple days of this challenge. Friday, August 1 I was back looking for jobs. And I can confidently say that finding a job is on my list of goals for the next 40 days.

Full list of goals fourthly (fourthly?):

1. I feel the first one should be obvious...write! I love to write. Stumbling upon words that so eloquently string together in mid-air. Only for moment before I bumble along to the next ones. It's good for the soul.

2. Find a job! Time to hop back on the positive thought train. The perfect job is hurtling towards me through the Universe and will show up at the right time. Everything is divinely timed.

3. Drink! Water, of course. I could elaborate on the importance of water, but I won't. This does, however, have something to do with my next goal...

4. Honor my body! I have likely the biggest sweet tooth. Ever. Out of anyone. And sometimes I'm a bad influence on others (Ooops.) My sister, who also happens to be my soul mate and best friend, is getting married October 18. She wants to look great for her wedding, and I want to look great up there next to her as her Maid of Honor. So this means honoring my body and not feeding it junk...and also not influencing others to make these seemingly questionable decisions with me. Everything in moderation of course, but time to cut back and start treating my body like the beautiful feminine temple it is! Perhaps my juicer misses me...Sorry, ice cream.

I've got the 'embracing my womanly
curves' part under wraps. Thanks ladies!
5. Hoop! Even if it's just for a couple minutes a day. I have a goal of getting shoulder hooping under my belt this summer (it WILL be mine), and that IS, in fact, going to happen. So a couple minutes, or a couple hours...I will hoop every day. And hey! I did that today.

 6. Read! Specifically: one meditation every day from The Woman's Book of Courage. This book was gifted to me by my beautiful sister. And, as a feminist, I think all women should read this. I've read some of it and it's empowering and helps us realize that we have the power to change. And this, of course, is what this challenge is all about. After I've read it, I would like to meditate with it for awhile. There are great affirmations with each meditation. These should come in handy, yes?

Overall, I think what this challenge of 40 Days of Flow is for me is to re-focus. I've experienced joyful bliss before. And it's about time I got it back. Send me your thoughts, suggestions, comments...I can't do this alone! And if you choose to hop on board the 40 Days of Flow train, find everyone on the Facebook page and/or hashtag #40daysofflow!

Gratitude lastly: If by some divine Universal power Deanne Love herself is reading this, please know this...I am filled with gratitude that despite distance, all around the world there are beautiful, empowered women who encourage and help others rediscover...or discover for the first time...who they are. So thank you, Deanne. You're one of my biggest hooping inspirations and I hope one day the Universe sees it fit to have our paths cross!

Day 3. Over and out.

Signing off,


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